In each episode, longtime soul sisters, Lauri Ivers & Patsy Culp, unpack some of life's biggest questions and deliver "Practical Spirituality for Daily Living," with the intention to open hearts and minds to the idea that the reason we're here is to enJOY this walk of life together.



Lauri is a spiritual teacher, intuitive healer, and psychic medium who works with beings all over the globe to facilitate change through vibrational energetic awareness — empowering you to connect with your own intuition & remember that ALL IS POSSIBLE.

Lauri works one-on-one with clients, facilitates group gatherings, and speaks from stages of all sizes to share her teachings and inspire aligned action.

You can learn more about Lauri's work here:

website > http://lauriivers.vpweb.com/
facebook > https://www.facebook.com/lauri.ivers


Patsy is a living breathing testimonial of Lauri's spiritual guidance, love, and support — proof that when we choose to listen & lead with our intuition, let go of expectation, and trust that source is our supply, life doesn't have to be hard — the Universe will conspire to meet you with people, resources, and opportunities to catapult you into a version of life beyond your wildest dreams.

As Patsy continues to expand her own spiritual awareness, she is incorporating all that she learns into her work supporting meaning-makers create more impact through the construct of branding, live events, workshops & retreats.

You can learn more about Patsy's work here:

website > www.andcelebrate.com
instagram > www.instagram.com/andcelebrate

Your perception creates your reality.